Saturday, April 01, 2006

Will the Neuros III be an iPod Killer?

I've been trolling around the internet looking for a good digital music player, and I think I might have found what I've been looking for in the Neuros 3.

While the iPod family of digital music players might be rather trendy, the iPod just doesn't offer the features I want, namely support for numerous file formats (both lossless and lossy), integrated FM broadcasting and audio recording, a high quality audio pathway and S/PDIF outlets. I really don't care about watching videos, so what does the iPod offer that I want? Nada.

The N3, on the other hand, will offer (most likely) everything above and more. And, let's not forget that Neuros Audio has opened up their firmware to the public with previous projects, and fully intend to make the N3's firmware open source. With a whole community of programmers at work, I can damn well expect a few nice changes to the firmware.

Too bad for me the N3 is still in the design stages...hurry up, guys!


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